Ethical Policy



At Pulse we have a very practical approach to doing business the right way and our partner organisations share that philosophy.

Our ethical policy is not an add-on; right from the start we have always supplied clothing that meets the WRAP standard and we also offer Fairtrade garments.



Over the years we have developed an industry leading range of Fairtrade garments. This range is manufactured using Fairtrade cotton grown in India using a sweatshop free supply chain. Our basic range is manufactured in Bangladesh and the Limited Edition collection in Sri Lanka.


WRAP Apparel

WRAP is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world.


As well as endorsing the WRAP Principles, the manufacturing associations and member manufacturing companies are actively participating in the WRAP Certification Program. The WRAP Certification Program is the only independent and globally supported factory certification program requiring manufacturers to comply with the 12 universally accepted WRAP Production Principles assuring safe and healthy workplace conditions, and respect for workers’ rights.


Many manufacturers have commented that WRAP has not only resulted in more reliable social compliance, but has contributed to greater productivity, lower turnover, improved communications between management and employees, safer working conditions and improved morale. Today, WRAP is being recognised by many retailers and manufacturers as the most reliable, yet economically efficient factory compliance system to assure lawful, ethical and humane manufacturing standards that Pulse Student Graduation actively support.