Stand Events

Drawing upon years of experience in this sector we understand the demands of graduation planning and the importance of flawless service delivery. Pulse Student Graduation Stand Events guarantee that our bespoke clothing and branded gifts are of the highest quality, designed, sourced and made readily available for your graduating students. Our experienced service teams and in-house supply chain ensure market leading design, stock control, customer service and dispatch are delivered as a seamless extension of your graduation ceremony.



In recent years the number of students enrolling in higher education, from within the UK and internationally, has increased significantly.

The launch of our bespoke online retail services have resulted in a significant increase in the number of graduation gift
orders in advance of the ceremony plus international Alumni purchases.




Pulse Student Graduation provides partner institutions with the opportunity to offer market leading graduation gifts and outstanding service at no cost while generating significant royalties within a zero cost, zero risk and zero workload partnership arrangement.



International Brand Ambassadors

Graduating students are the ideal brand ambassadors, actively increasing the level of exposure and awareness of your institution around the world.

Promotional products are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to increase your brand awareness and gain greater exposure

Mrs U. Kartasovs, Norwich University.